Presidential Result: The Euro Rose after the First Round

The Euro has risen after the results of the first round have been announced

MARKETS: The euro hit a high for six months …

The euro was up sharply on Sunday night on the Asian markets, after qualifying Sunday Emmanuel Macron and Le Pen in the second round of the presidential election. According to Reuters , the European currency was up 2% against the dollar: euro and dollar was worth 1.09395, representing a peak since November 10th.

At 7.30pm GMT, the euro was also up 3% against the yen. Investors had feared a time a runoff between Le Pen and Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the two candidates displayed a certain Euroscepticism. The demand for coverage against the “extreme risk” and had reached very high levels.

Risk on French assets Premiums, however, were reduced in the days before the election, polls providing overall a runoff between Emmanuel Macron and Le Pen and a clear victory of the candidate for En March! in such a case.

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