Pope Francis Celebrates Easter Mass amid Tight Security

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Pope Francis celebrates Easter Mass in the square of the Basilica of St. Peter's in the Vatican

RELIGION: Private security and many police officers to reassure the faithful …

Thousands of faithful came to listen. Pope Francis began Sunday to celebrate the traditional Easter Mass in the square of the Basilica of St. Peter’s. A Mass framed by impressive security measures.

Easter Mass, the highlight of the Christian liturgy began at 10am, under a cloudy sky in front of tens of thousands of people gathered for some since the early hours of the day.

Easter celebrations, which began Thursday with a Mass and the ceremony of the washing of the feet by the Pope, have resulted in significant security measures after the attacks that struck the Christian Coptic churches in Egypt last Sunday.

As an airport

All the area around St. Peter’s Basilica was completed Sunday morning, with several open access points to allow first checked bags. Access to the site itself was only possible after passing under a detection gate, as security measures at airports.

Nearly thirty gates have been placed all around the famous Bernini’s colonnade surrounding the square. Hundreds of police and members of the security forces guarding the surroundings, as they had done on Saturday for the Mass of the Easter Vigil and the Way of the Cross Friday near the Colosseum.

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