Missing for 11 Years in the North, the Dog has just been Found in Lorraine

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Missing for 11 years, the dog was eventually found in Lorraine

Topaz, bichon breed dog, was found in late March in Bouzonville, near the border between Lorraine and Germany …

Since the time, the owners had probably abandoned the idea of finding the dog. Proof that you should never give up eleven years after they thought he had died in the North, at Gravelines , their bichon was found – alive but a little sore point – nearly 500 kilometers away, says La Voix de Nord.

Nearly Germany

The male, called Topaz and now aged 15, has indeed been found by a woman in late March on the side of Bouzonville, a commune in Lorraine near the border with Germany. The dog was identified by its microchip and tattoo.

Unclear however what was the course of bichon since his disappearance in 2006, and how he ended up in Lorraine eleven years later.

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