Brexit: Concerns About the Haggling over the Rights of Citizens

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Michel Barnier, the official negotiator of the European Union for the Brexit

Brexit Negotiators will conduct “extremely complex” discussions on the rights of European citizens in the UK and British expatriates in the EU.

The Brexit referendum questioned the future of more than four million citizens. So far, the free movement allowing them to live, study and work anywhere in the EU. But Theresa May has interpreted the narrow victory of the “no” as a mandate to “take control” of borders and limit immigration, especially European .

The enthusiasm of the British Prime Minister have not been cooled by European leaders, who warned however that if free movement was suspended, access to the single market would be too. Theresa May believes, however, to ensure access to the European market via a free trade agreement, to be negotiated.

3 million European citizens in Britain

Like the 27 Member States, the United Kingdom assured it will address the issue of citizens’ rights as quickly as possible. Over a million Britons working in the EU and about three million EU citizens live in Britain.

Some observers fear that these citizens become bargaining arguments in divorce negotiations, and their status is not resolved quickly. The EU requires “reciprocal” and legally guaranteed “applicable” to all European citizens whose rights will be affected by the release of the UK from the EU.

At present, the free movement of persons in the union includes the right to live, work and study anywhere in the EU. EU sources indicated, however, that these rights had opened incredibly complex discussions on rules ensuring, for example, access to social security, welfare and health systems.

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