Troadec case: A Hypothetical Treasure, other Human Remains

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In the Troadec case, more human remains have been found

Investigators are still trying to determine whether a “treasure” is hidden behind the murder of four members of the Troadec family in Orvault (Loire-Atlantique), including new remains which were found Thursday in the farm of the main suspect in Pont-de-Buis-lès-Quimerch (Finistère).

The treasure. The loot. Gold. The mother of Pascal Troadec, the father murdered, and Lydia Troadec, sister and girlfriend of the suspect, was discussed at length this track Thursday to explain the events that occurred in Orvault. “This horrific case originated in a treasure consisting of ingots and gold coins that my husband had hidden in the garage of our house” , she said. His son would have placed this “gold stolen” in Monaco and Andorra.

This “treasure” which we do not know the amount and whose existence has not been confirmed, was discovered in 2006 by her husband , former plasterer craftsman at work in an old building in an old neighborhood Brest.

“It is only on the declarative for now”

A heritage survey is underway to find a trace of this “treasure”, a source close to the investigation. But “today, there is no evidence” , the source said, calling for caution, “it is only on the declarative for now” .

Monday in Le Parisien , the mother of the suspect, Hubert Caouissin, said for his part that “this ingots history” was “anything” .

Judicial sources, for the moment nothing, confirms this track. The public prosecutor of Nantes, Pierre seines, had only indicated in a previous briefing, the Troadec couple had “adequate income” and was not in debt.

A story ingots “imaginary”

Thursday, the lawyer for the family of the murdered mother, Me Cécile de Oliveira, has reported a “harassment” from the alleged assassin to his future victims would have started “in 2014, 2015”. “Pascal Troadec had made representations to the police to complain about being accused falsely and repeatedly on the history of gold bullion out of the imagination of Hubert Caouissin”, certified lawyer.

“We are convinced that (the husband Troadec) were falsely accused and obviously lived like a completely implausible, absurd and harmful harassment […] these false accusations” , said Cécile de Oliveira.

Troadec Pascal, 49, was employed for ten years in an SME in Orvault (Loire-Atlantique). His wife Brigitte, 49, was employed in a tax office in Nantes.

Where evidence is being found in the Troadec case“A deep resentment”

Sunday in custody, Hubert Caouissin said he was convinced “that Pascal Troadec had recovered gold coins in a succession framework” . They “should have been shared with the rest of the family” , which has nurtured “deep resentment” , had said Monday the prosecutor of Nantes.

This would be the principal motive behind the murder of Pascal, his wife Brigitte and their children Sebastian, 21, and Charlotte, 18.

Fragments of human bodies and victim owned jewelry had been recovered Wednesday in the farm of suspect in Pont-de-Buis-lès-Quimerch (Finistère), about forty kilometers from Brest.

Of computers found

When news of Thursday research, new human remains were found but “also jewels and objects that had been stolen from the house of Orvault, including computers”, discovered in a swampy area of the property, said the prosecutor .

Dozens of investigators of different specialties were there, crisscrossing the farm buildings surrounded by 32 hectares of wet land. They surveyed the muddy banks of the Alder, coastal river that borders the land of the farm, found a photographer.

Excavations are also undertaken in the house and in the oven which would have been used to burn some of the remains of the bodies.

In custody, Hubert Caouissin admitted killing the parents and two children Troadec.

Technician for DCNS shipbuilding group in Brest, Caouissin Hubert, 46, was charged on Monday in Nantes for murder and attack on the integrity of a corpse. His companion, a medical secretary in disability, was charged for changing the state of the scene of a crime and concealment of corpses.

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