Northern Ireland: Death of Martin McGuinness, a Former IRA Leader and Negotiator of the Peace Agreements

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Martin McGuiness, former deputy Prime Minister of Northern Ireland has died

He held a prominent role to negotiate the IRA cease-fire of 1994 and 1997 and in the peace process …

Former Deputy Prime Minister of Martin McGuinness, former leader of the IRA became active member of the peace process, died at age 66 of a rare heart disease, announced this Tuesday its political party, Sinn Fein.

“It is with great regret and great sadness that we have learned the death of our friend and comrade Martin McGuinness, who died in Derry during the night. He sorely missed by all who knew him, “announced Sinn Féin, which he belonged, on its website.

He had taken his political retirement in January after a disagreement with the other ruling party in Northern Ireland, the Unionist Party DUP, which led to new elections.

“Bloody sunday

“It was a passionate Republican who worked tirelessly for peace and reconciliation and the reunification of their country. But he loved above all his family and the people of Derry (his hometown), of which he was immensely proud, “responded the chief and historic leader of Sinn Fein Gerry Adams.

In 1968, he joined the Catholic civil rights movement, and two years later the party Sinn Fein. During these years, he is perpetually dressed in his beret of “guerrilla” on Che Guevara. Around 1971, he joined the IRA, in which he soon occupied a position of responsibility.

Of all the secret negotiations, it holds a key role to wrest the IRA cease-fire of 1994 and 1997. That year, he was elected to Westminster in London but refused to sit in it to not swear allegiance to the Queen.

McGuinness will recognize in 2001 – breaking the honor code that imposes the secret to its members – have been the number two of the IRA in Derry during the events of “Bloody sunday” when 13 Republicans were killed by the British Army on 30 January 1972.

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