Nort-sur-Erdre: Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles

Local News
Nort-sur-Erdre is to install Electric Charging Stations for Electric and hybrid Vehicles

The trade union committee of Sydela asked the municipality to install two charging stations and a rapid charging station for rechargeable electric and hybrid vehicles.

Two sites have been proposed in the city center for the two terminals of rapid charge, the Champ-de-Foire and rue de l’Erdre.  Regarding fast charging terminal, the Sydela (departmental Union Energy Loire-Atlantique) is still under consideration of an installation site on the Placard sector.

The first two accelerated charging stations allow a full charge of a vehicle between six and eight hours. For the third, fast charging will take place between twenty and thirty minutes.  At the last council meeting, the municipality has confirmed its commitment to free parking for electric vehicles on any parking space with or without recharging device.

The device will be managed by the community for a minimum period of two years after the laying of the terminal should be completed in March.

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