Nintendo has Corrected the Joy-Con issue of the Switch

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Some Joy-Con Nintendo Switch suffer from a connectivity problem

VIDEO GAME: Customers affected should contact the Nintendo customer service for free repair …

Has your Joy-Con had problems with connectivity? You’re not alone. But Nintendo has identified the problem, due to “a manufacturing variation” that affected “a small number” of the switch controllers. The problem has now been tracked down and fixed, and the manufacturer has announced a free repair for affected customers.

For this, you must contact the customer service ( here in France ). Nintendo will make the repair to the unit, which will take about a week, although times may vary by country. According to CNET, the manufacturer adds a piece of foam to isolate WiFi antenna of the joystick. While some hackers will certainly try to do this themselves at home, it is better to let Nintendo take charge to protect your warranty.

Launching record

Despite this small problem, the launch of the new console, which owes a lot to the fantastic Zelda Breath of the Wild, is a success. In France, Nintendo has sold 105.000 Switch consoles in the first weekend, making better than the Wii, which held the previous record any console. According to estimates from Superdata Research, global sales were around 1.5 million copies by mid-March. So much so that Nintendo is planning to double its production for the coming fiscal year, according to the gamedealsdaily. Not bad for a company that some had buried after the flop of the Wii U.

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