Missing Family near Nantes: In Finistère, a Search Conducted

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Some items of the daughter from the missing family near Nantes found in the Finistere region

The investigation into the disappearance of the Troadec family from Orvault, near Nantes, takes a new turn. Trousers and Carte Vitale medical card of the girl were found Wednesday morning in the forest of Coat-Mez in Dirinon, Finistere.

The information was launched by Le Parisien, and we were confirmed a source close to the investigation. Wednesday morning, a jogger found the trousers and the Carte Vitale medical card of Charlotte Troadec, daughter of the missing family from Orvault .

Intrigued, the jogger warned the gendarmes who placed the pants and the medical card into sealed evidence. “The criminal identification unit of the gendarmerie of Finistère is on hand to make a search of the place”, said a source close to the investigation.

Dirinon is located over 275 km from Orvault, where the Troadec family resided. Parents, their son and daughter have been missing for 13 days. Two women, aged forty years, part of the Troadec family arrived on site, around 4.30pm, where they spoke with a police officer.

The house in Orvault near Nantes of missing family

70 Gendarmes deployed

This discovery, which was made at the forest of Coat-Mez, in the municipality of Dirinon, a few hundred meters from the Coat-Mez college Daoulas and along the expressway Nantes-Brest, comes as investigators still have not found traces of blood Charlotte Troadec in the family home: “at this stage, we have traces of blood of parents and son, but not the girl” told the prosecutor>

Gendarmes are searching a forest in Finistere for the missing family of Nantes

For 16 hours, the helicopter of the Civil Security has been over the area, according to our sources, where trousers and the medical card were found in a ditch of the girl of the family.  Note that a water source is close to the area.

70 gendarmes, reinforcing the judicial police in Nantes in charge of the investigation, have been deployed in a search operation which lasted from late morning to 8pm. They squared around the discovery and continued their efforts along the Nantes-Brest to search for the missing vehicle of the son of the Troadec family. A search dog belonging to the canine regiment of Angers, is expected in the evening. then the search will end for the day, according to the commander of the gendarmerie group of Finistère Richard Pégourié.

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