Missing Family near Nantes: The Discovery that Changes Everything

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The discovery that changes everthing for the missing family near Nantes

The medical card and trousers of Charlotte, the girl mysteriously disappeared from the family in Orvault (near Nantes) were found in Brittany. New direction for the investigation.

The discovery of the trousers of the young Charlotte and her carte vitale medical card by a jogger in a ditch at  Dirinon, near Brest, is not a mere episode in the investigation after the disappearance of the Troadec family. For police officers, it changes.

Tuesday evening, the criminal was still several steps ahead. Investigators were looking for Mr. X, who has fled in an unknown direction, probably at the wheel of the grey Peugot 308, the car of Sebastian, the eldest of the Troadec children.

The car has not been flashed by radar. It does not appear, either, on CCTV recordings. In other words, it could be anywhere.

Now the police have a search area. There are 280 km between Dirinon and some service stations on the road, which they can use video surveillance tapes.

Staged ?

This discovery highlights the track of family drama. The Brest region is the birthplace of the family of Pascal Troadec and his wife Brigitte. His two sisters live a few kilometers from the place of discovery of the medical card. Presumably this is familiar places that the family know.

The investigation already passed Saturday to  the Finistère region. Reportedly, two relatives of the family had been placed for several hours in police custody for “questioning” .

Yesterday seventy gendarmes searched in vain the woods in the hamlet of Coat-Mez. A helicopter of the Civil Security flew over the area. The ponds will be surveyed. Investigators will return to a survey more “traditional” in this unconventional drama.

Still, the discovery yesterday adds more to the plot. Why trousers and, above all, a medical card? Why only these two elements? Is this Staged ?

Meanwhile, in the house of the family, in Orvault, just north of Nantes, the experts conducted yesterday a third set of samples to try in particular to find traces of blood from Charlotte, the only sample missing to date from the house.

They exploited numerous and abundant traces of blood found in every room of the house, the rooms, the entrance, and, for the most important, the garage door.

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