Dinan: A Man Falls from the Ferris Wheel at the Fair

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A man falls from a ferris wheel at Dinan

An accident occurred at the carnival of Dinan, this Saturday night. A man in his thirties fell from the Ferris wheel and was seriously injured.

A man in his thirties fell from a gondola of the Ferris wheel, on Saturday night around 11.30pm at the fairground in Dinan. The man was in a serious condition with multiple wounds, he was taken to the hospital Pontchaillou at Rennes.

“It would take more than just the state of the machine,” said a police officer present on site. An investigation is underway. The sub-prefect Michel Laborie was present and Didier Lechien, Mayor of Dinan, who noted that it was “the first time” that such an accident occurred at the festival of Liège.

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