Brexit: Britain has Quietly Set a Plan B, in case …

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The British government said to have a fallback in case Brexit negoitiations dont go well

Britain prefers to remain discreet on the matter, but she acknowledges that she has planned a plan B in case the Brexit negotiations fail with the Europeans.

The UK government is working on fallback solutions in the event that the negotiations on the Brexit would not make an acceptable agreement with the European Union, said Sunday David Davis, the British Minister of Brexit.  Theresa May should invoke in the coming days Article 50 of the EU Lisbon Treaty which opens a period of two years during which will be discussed the terms of the divorce between London and Brussels.

An unlikely scenario?

Asked about the date on which this initiative could take place, David Davis declined to provide accuracy. British MPs have warned against the risk that would, according to them, a lack of fallback plan developed by the government in case of failure of negotiations at the end of these two years. “First, I think this scenario is very unlikely,” said David Davis on the BBC. “It is absolutely in no one’s interest that we do not have a good agreement” .

The Foreign Affairs Committee of the British Parliament considered that a breakdown in talks would have “very negative consequences” , causing damage to the economies of both sides while creating confusion and uncertainty for people and businesses .

The Conservative government have a plan B for Brexit, just in case“We do not talk too much”

“The simple truth is that we have provided a fallback plan, taking into account all the issues and all the issues of the negotiations” , he added. “One of the reasons why we do not talk too much this fallback plan is that we do not want people to think, ‘oh that’s what we try to do’ ‘ , he explained.

Before invoking Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, the British Prime Minister Theresa May has to pass a law authorizing the officially inform the EU of the decision of his country to leave the bloc.

The text should be approved early next week, a procedure which should enable it to verify its authority over the Conservative Party.

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