Brest: Storm Zeus, a Lot of Damage in Brest

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Storm Zeus has done extensive damage to Brest and its surroundings. 

Uprooted trees, blocked roads, roofs torn off, delayed trains, homes without electricity. Storm Zeus has created a lot havoc in the Brest region.

Many sites closed in Brest

Meteo France said wind gusts of Brest between 110 and 135 km/h mostly in the morning.  To prevent accidents, the City of Brest decided to close the parks and gardens (until Tuesday afternoon), cemeteries, sports fields have also been identified as a risk in terms of the storm, as well as access to the dam of La Perouse.

A TGV blocked in Brest

The TGV, which was to leave at 8.17am to Montparnasse from Brest is blocked for at least three hours.

A large tree fell on the road between Brest and Saint-Brieuc.

SNCF advises travelers to postpone the trip. Overhead power cables for the trains could be affected.

The roof of school playground ripped off at Plabennec

At the  kindergarten Sainte-Anne in Plabennec, part of the school roof over the playground is gone. The street rue des Trois-frères-Le-Roy was closed to traffic because the slates from roofs that were flying onto the pavement and road below.

A barrier is also soaring and the roof of a class of CP.

The school was still able to open this Monday morning for sixty children, but those who could have stayed home.

The courtyard roof of the St. Anne school in Plabennec near Brest has partly gone.
The courtyard roof of the St. Anne school in Plabennec has partly gone.

Schools closed in Relecq-Kerhuon

Because of the current storm and risks, nursery and primary schools Relecq-Kerhuon are closed on Monday morning announced the municipality. Four school groups, about 1,000 children are concerned.

“Schools, like much of the town, are currently without electricity”, said Mayor Yohann Nédelec. The municipality is awaiting instructions from the Prefecture of the procedure throughout the day.

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