2024 Olympics: Whatever Happens, the city of Paris will not be Candidate for 2028

Paris will not be a candidate for 2028 Olympics if it does not win 2024 bid

SPORT:  Paris hope to do it for 2024 …

“Paris is not a candidate for 2028.” Étienne Thobois, CEO of the Committee Paris’s bid for the Olympics in 2024, does not beat around the bush. Although the IOC launched the possibility of applying for a double award, the French capital has closed the door. Twice locked.

“We are mobilized to 2024 so I do not see why it would be called in 2028,” continues Thobois. “2028, we have nothing to put in front, no guarantees, no project. “A strong statement which echoes the words of Tony Estanguet, three-time Olympic canoe champion, and co-chairman of Paris-2024.

2024 or nothing

“There will be no Olympic Games in Paris in 2028,” said Pau, also an IOC member. “It was always clear to our partners that we were only candidates for 2024. Our project can not be transposed to 2028. It’s now or never for Paris.

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