More than 185,000 Jobs Created in 2016, the Most Since 2007

More than 185,000 jobs created in France in 2016

EMPLOYMENT: The last quarter of 2016 ended well, with 64,400 net jobs created in the non-agricultural market sectors …

This is an unprecedented performance since 2007. The French economy created 187,200 jobs , net, in the commercial sector (+ 1.2%) over the full year of 2016, according to final figures from INSEE published Thursday.

These figures confirm a few thousand near the provisional estimates of February (191,700 jobs). The last quarter of 2016 ended well, with 64,400 net job creation in the non-agricultural market sectors (+ 0.4% compared to the previous quarter), is the seventh consecutive quarter of increase, said Insee.

The industry and construction destroy jobs

The slight acceleration in year-end primarily due to thrust in the interim contracts, which rose 6.1% over the last three months (37,600 jobs), and, on the year jumped 12%.

Over the same period, the merchant sector employment excluding temporary increases at the same rate as the previous quarter: 34,500 (+ 0.3%).

However, industry and construction continue to destroy more jobs than they create 5.500 jobs lost in industry (-0.2%) in the last quarter, or 24,900 over the year (- 0.8%), and 2,200 in construction (-0.2%) in the last quarter and 10,800 in one year (-0.8%).

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