Weather in Charente: Winds of 150 Km/H Expected this Weekend across Charente

Local News
Strong winds are forecast for the coast of the charente as well as across all the department this Saturday

WEATHER: Météo France announces that the winds could be strong on the Charente coast from Friday afternoon until Monday morning.

The gusts could be locally very violent, reaching or sometimes exceeding 150 km/h on the Charente coast. The peak of the storm should be reached Saturday afternoon with peak winds to 120km/h from the west turning south.

The gusts should subside in the evening to resume Sunday morning in a slightly less sustained with winds at 70km/h. However, Meteo France said that the path and intensity tempestuous situation remain to be defined for this day.

The storm is expected to end Monday morning. Take your precautions and be careful if this is confirmed.

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