Violent wind: One Person Killed with the Collapse of a Wall in Nantes

Local News
one person died in Nantes after a wall collapsed due to the wind

One person died in the collapse of a wall, yesterday, Friday 3rd February, shortly before 3 pm in the Beaujoire district in Nantes.

It was at about 3 pm when the accident occurred at avenue de la Gare de Saint-Joseph, in the Beaujoire district of Nantes. A 62 year old woman was walking on the sidewalk along a concreate block wall, when a portion of 25 meters long and 3 meters high collapsed and buried the victim.

A great crash

The wall was surrounding land on which a building construction program is underway. After hearing a loud crash, the construction workers came running to try and offer help.

According to police, a gust of wind could cause the fall of the wall. A security perimeter was established around the scene of the accident.

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