The Scottish Parliament Vote Symbolically against Brexit

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The Scottish Parliament voted against the "Brexit" project output of the European Union presented by the British government.

The Scottish Parliament voted largely on Tuesday against the output from the European Union project supported by the British government.

Very Europhile, the Scots were largely opposed to Brexit in the referendum of 23 June by voting 62% in favor of keeping within the European Union. On Tuesday, MPs expressed their disagreement with the EU release plan presented by London.

The motion of the Scottish Government has collected 90 votes against 34 votes against most from the ranks of the conservatives elected.

If it is not binding, the vote highlights the fractures between the four constituent nations of the United Kingdom on the issue of Brexit. English and Welsh voters voted in favor of leaving the EU at the referendum of 23rd June 2016, while Scotland and Northern Ireland have opted to maintain.

The leader of the Scottish Government, Nicola Sturgeon, claimed on numerous occasions that the interests of Scotland must be taken into account during negotiations between London and Brussels, which the British Prime Minister Theresa May plans to launch by late March.

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