Nantes: A 207 Convertible Stolen in Home-Jacking, Found

Local News
A car stolen from a home of a resident in Nantes, was later recovered by police

It was enough that the owner of a 207 cabriolet is absent for an hour on Sunday in Nantes for his car to be stolen from his home. It was found in a parking lot at the Beaujoire in the afternoon.

Thieves broke into the home in Nantes at 1.30pm on Sunday. They left with his Peugeot 207 cabriolet. Upon returning an hour later, the Nantais was found that his car was gone.

The police were alerted and began to search the vehicle. The convertible was found later in a car park in the district of La Beaujoire. The Peugeot 207 CC was intact.

Investigators will conduct the survey traces the vehicle to try to find the perpetrator or perpetrators of this home-jacking.

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