Marine Le Pen, a “Patriot” against the “Globalists”

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Marine Le Pen has announced herself a Patriot against globalisation

The Front National candidate spoke on Sunday, kicking off her campaign, before 3500 several activists gathered in Lyon. Two targets: the ultra-liberalism and religious fundamentalism.

French flag in every hand, the Marseillaise to the lip. And a refrain often repeated: “We’re home. “ Marine Le Pen’s supporters did not hide their mood, Sunday afternoon, hearing a speech to the very marked nationalistic overtones.

“There will be no other laws and values in France that French”, thundered the FN candidate, which closed two days of presidential campaigning today at the convention center of Lyon. Marine Le Pen took the head of the camp of the “patriots” to make war with the “globalists”. In her sights: economic ultra-liberalism and Islamic fundamentalism, “two totalitarianisms that threaten our country”. Two targets that motivate each of “144 presidential commitments”presented during the weekend . “I forbid bearing walls of our society” , pleaded the president of FN, which accuses all its competitors have chosen the “deregulated globalization” and “mass immigration” .

A return to the “monetary sovereignty”

Leading the FN proposals include the inclusion of “national priority” in the Constitution and the renegotiation of EU treaties. The return to the “monetary sovereignty” would be accompanied by the creation of a “national currency” . The 24-page booklet includes other measures already developed in 2012 as the repeal of the law of the soil, a drastic reduction of immigration or removal of state medical aid.

Marine Le Pen has also shelled a few bars of “national solidarity” : creation of a premium purchasing power, revaluation of the allowance for disabled adults and the minimum pension. She announced a drop in income tax of 10% on the first three installments and the tax exemption of overtime. The Group’s project summary. The FN candidate counting on growth to fund measures. Experts are skeptical? “Do not believe them, slice Marine Le Pen. They have accounting and selfish vision. We oppose them active and patriotic vision. “

Trump and Brexit have “shown the way”

Topping the first round of polls, Le Pen continues to face the glass ceiling that prevents her from building a presidential majority. The objective of the campaign: ensuring voice overs for the second round. Hence the calls to get started on Sunday to “patriots left and right”. The far-right candidate wants to believe that “the great political realignment began” . And, for the first time, it promises, if elected, to appoint a “national unity government” . Why the candidate has scratched its program to restore the death penalty, preferring a sentence of life imprisonment without parole?

The Donald Trump’s election to the United States and the English Brexit, said the candidate had “shown the way” to follow. “The awakening of the people against the oligarchies can become a reality …” Two precedents which in his right arm, Florian Philippot, “showed the French that their ballots can be used for something” .


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