Disneyland Paris: Disabled after a tour of Space Mountain

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Disabled after a tour on Space Mountain at Disneyland Paris

After a stint in 2013 on Space Mountain, one of the attractions of Disneyland Paris, a young woman was dizzy from the passage of the ride. The victim, suffering from the “landing syndrome,” has taken Disneyland Paris to court and demand compensation for damages.

A young woman suffering from dizziness from a passage in the attraction Space Mountain in 2013 attacked Disneyland Paris(Seine-et-Marne) in court and demanded compensation from the amusement park. The complainant has since reached the “landing” syndrome , a disorder of the inner ear that earned her recognition as a disabled worker.

The patient can not drive, almost lost her job and can no longer hold her son in her arms for fear of letting go. A situation that the young 27 year-old woman from the Aisne attributed directly to the rollercoaster that takes place in the dark.

The inner ear has been affected

“It was installed in the in the lead car. The ride starts. I felt my head slamming against the hoops. Left, right, head forward. I could not lift it. It seemed like an eternity. In the end, I felt dizzy, “ says the applicant, cited by the newspaper, Le courrier picard.  After consulting several specialists, one of the doctors has indeed confirmed that “during the trauma in the ring, (the) inner ear was affected” .

One expert also established that the pathology suffered by the young woman was entirely due to the incident at Disneyland Paris, prompting park officials to propose a compensation of €29,950 to the client. We were in 2015 and the young woman finally will see the color.

Mandate a new judicial medical expertise

As explained by Mr. Cyril Bouchaillou, counsel for the latter, the compensation package would show that the American group admits responsibility but, according to him, the proposed amount is not enough. This Wednesday, February 22, the complainant and his counsel and will  ask the judge hearing in Meaux (Seine-et-Marne) to mandate a new judicial medical expertise to compel the company to compensate the woman.

Also according to the newspaper, Le courrier picard , the duo has the right to attack Disneyland Paris court if  new negotiations with the company will not succeed.

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