Anti-FN demonstration: 4 in Police Custody, 13 CRS and Gendarmes Injured in Nantes

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Authorities announced thirteen wounded among the security forces in clashes with leftist groups participating this Saturday in Nantes, an anti-FN demo

The anti-FN event, yet peaceful desired, degenerated in Nantes on Saturday, in the city centre. Sadly repeated images of urban violence. Halfway through, clashes erupted between far-left groups and the security forces.

Appraisal: degradation, broken windows. Four protesters Saturday night in custody. Thirteen CRS and gendarmes were injured, officials said.

On the eve of the meeting of Marine Le Pen on Sunday, at the Zenith in Nantes, a Collective unit against the extreme right organized on Saturday, an anti-FN event in the city centre. They were between 2200 and 3000 in the parade.

The appeal was launched by political parties (PCF, NPA, Ensemble), trade unions (CGT, Solidaires) and extreme left-wing and anti-fascist associations.

After a start in quiet, under the anti Front National slogans, clashes broke out mid-term, mid-afternoon, between far-left groups, anti-fascism groups, and the many members of the police forces. 500 to 600 police officers, CRS and gendarmes were mobilized. Nantes youth cited mingled with clashes. These excesses were predictable.

The security forces took three hours to disperse the violent groups decided and prepared to do battle. Balance of violence: in town impairments (much graffiti), broken shop windows, bus shelters of broken glass.

This Saturday night, four protesters in custody for assault on police and mortar detention. The authorities announced thirteen wounded in the ranks of CRS and gendarmes. Including a burned leg by a Molotov cocktail and two transported to University Hospital for hearing damage.

On the side of the protesters, no assessment has been given to possible injuries.

Sunday, anti-FN intend to “sabotage” the Marine Le Pen rally at the Zenith in Nantes, organizing a snail operation on the access roads.

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