Vendée Globe: The Positions and Rankings on Wednesday at 9 am

Vendee Globe
Latest updates on the positions in the Vendée Globe

SAILING: Armel Le Cléac’h still leads the Vendée Globe on Wednesday morning. The skipper of Banque Populaire has gained a few miles over Alex Thomson (Hugo Boss), now 191 miles behind

The leader of the Vendée Globe, Armel Le Cléac’h (Banque Populaire) has further increased his lead over Alex Thomson (Hugo Boss), now at 191.9 miles, this Wednesday at 9 am. The Frenchman who found the speed after exiting the Doldrums which had slowed him down for several days, had 171 milles lead at 5 pm yesterday.

He has since continued on the same pace to gain more than 20 miles from his pursuer. Wednesday morning in the early hours of the day, he was sailing at 16 knots, against only 10 for the Welshman, Alex Thomson, and it is now only 10% of the path in front of her bow.

Behind Beyou (Maître CoQ) continues to be in third and the top 10 is still unchanged. The 8th edition will certainly faster: the 2017 Vendée Globe winner should cut the line on January 19, after some 75 days of racing. Remember to arrange to attend the arrival of skippers.

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