Marine Le Pen Returns to the Idea of ​​Leaving the Euro

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Marine le pen wants a return to a local currency

MONEY: The Front National leader wants a “national currency” for the French, possibly accompanied by a “common currency” for states and large companies …

If Marine Le Pen was elected in May, the French are they left with not one, but two currencies? This Wednesday, on the plateau of Europe 1, the Front National candidate for president, explained to want a “national currency” for the French to use daily, possibly accompanied by a “common currency” for states and corporations .

“For there will be a French currency is their local currency, it is that they have in their portfolio, there will not be two currencies,” said the president of the Front National.

Backtracked on the output of the euro?

“However, it is conceivable for companies, which existed in the past, which was the ECU, a common currency. It’s a little complicated, it does not affect the 60 million French, it only affects the States or large companies, “she said.

“It was not, it is true, a great achievement, but we can of course consider in the context of this negotiation monetary cooperation with European countries,” said Marine Le Pen.

The FN is trying to reassure its output position of the euro, largely rejected by the French, according to opinion polls. The far-right party highlights now, alongside the restoration of a national kind franc currency, a common currency proposal, a different type of currency that the euro is a single currency. A common currency would require the consent of the other partner countries.

Monetary sovereignty

When asked if the “euro exit” would appear “black on white” in his plan, to be unveiled early February in Lyon, MEP replied simply: “The monetary sovereignty, right, is having a national currency.”

“The euro has failed, 140 economists say the four or five Nobel Prize winners in economics. There is a considerable obstacle to the competitiveness […]. It has implications for rising unemployment, “Marine Le Pen accused.

It rejected a price increase risk to the end of the euro, for example on the price of gas: “In the oil price, there is 80% tax, so taxes. If it is to act on the oil price, just lower the considerable taxes levied “above, has she said.

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