Laval: He had “Grilled” 90 Computers, the Student Permanently Expelled

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The now former student of Estaca in Laval had used a "killer USB" key.

The disciplinary board of the engineering school Estaca in Laval has permanently expelled the student who had destroyed by playing nearly 90 computers in October, 2016.

“The student had passed in no time disciplinary board after it was discovered that he was the perpetrator,”  said this Monday, 9th January by the engineering school Estaca based in Laval. The student was permanently excluded from our school. ”

The student of Estaca (Laval) never set foot in the school of engineering. In late October, this student in 4 th year of the Graduate School of Aeronautical Technical and Automotive had playfully destroyed nearly ninety computers using a USB killer.

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