Internet: If Your Password is on the List, Change It!

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If you use these passwords on the internet, then it is time to change it

The publisher Keeper Security, a specialist in internet data security issued on the 13th January the list of the worst passwords used in 2016. Keeper Security, besides the carelessness of Internet users, Internet operators should make efforts to promote good practices.

“17% of users protect their accounts with the password 123456” deplores the editor Keeper Security, author of a report on the most used codes in 2016.

Account hacking, personal data theft … The risks are nevertheless real. Yahoo mail account to millions of users have recently experienced.

Of the 10 million passwords analyzed by the publisher and recovered through data leaks, Keeper has established a top 25 (worst) most passwords in 2016 . The list is representative of more than half of these data.


The first observation is quite appalling lack of originality. Following digits “123456” ranks first. It is followed by two other combinations as little secure: “123456789” and “qwerty”, following the first row of letters on the keyboards of computers Anglo-Saxon (or “qwerty” on French keyboards). “Google” , “666666” or even “password”  are also part of the ranking.

More suprenante, the presence of the password “18atcskd2w” which detonates among other codes childishly simple. According to security researcher Graham Cluley, it could is a password generated by robots, designed to send spam on discussion forums.

Besides the (bad) persistent habits of Internet users, web Keeper also asks operators to promote good practices advantage by demanding more stringent rules.

Some tips for a secure password

Keeper gives some recommendations to allow users to concoct a secure password. The consist of at least eight characters including lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers and symbols is a first protection.

Especially not to use the most common passwords identified in its list. These can be “cracked” in seconds by hackers who test software automatically.

The publisher also suggests to use a password manager, which allows both to generate as well as to store.

According Keeper should be 4 825 650 839 752 918 years to crack a password of 51 characters randomly generated and containing letters, numbers and symbols.

And the 10 worst passwords 2016 are …

1 – 123456

2 – 123456789

3 – qwerty

4 – 12345678

5 – 111111

6 – 1234567890

7 – 1234567

8 – password

9 – 123123

10 – 987654321

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