Handball World Cup 2017: Schedule and Program of France TV Team Matches

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Where to watch the 2017 Handball World Cup of France vs Japan

SPORT: The Handball World Cup starts on the 11th January in France until January 29th. Discover the schedule of matches for the Bleus in the coming days.

A favorite of this years Handball World Cup 2017 held in several cities in France, the French team is expected at the turn of the French and hopes to see their team win this international competition. Integrated in Group A, Team France will play its first match against Brazil on Wednesday 11th January at 8.45pm in the context of the group stage, which will last until the 20th January. Note that large nations of Handball face the Blues all the way to the World Cup, namely Russia, Brazil, Norway, Poland and to a lesser extent Japan.

BeIN the channel ensures the TV coverage and streaming the opening match France vs Brazil

Les Bleus will then meet face to Japanese Friday 13th January at 5.45pm, and on Sunday they will face the Norwegians at 5.45pm also. The match of France against Russia will take place meanwhile on Tuesday 17th January at 8.45pm.  They will play Poland on Thursday 19th January at 5.45pm. So beautiful posters to come.

The program also looks very busy for lovers of Handball, since there will be very many games to come throughout this January. Some days, six games will be programmed so during the day, with matches broadcast from 2pm up to 8.45pm, with of course some games offered at identical hours. A total of 84 matches in the Handball World Cup will be held in the cities selected to host this major competition: Metz, Nantes, Paris, Rouen, Albertville, Villeneuve d’Ascq, Montpellier or Brest.

TF1 will offer the final 2017 World Handball Men

Note that the fourth round will be held on January 2st  and 22nd, the quarter-final stage on the 24th January, semi finals on the 26th and 27th, and to close the final is scheduled for the 29th January 2017.

TV broadcasting of all the matches of this Handball World Cup 2017 is ensured by the pay channel BeIN Sports , so you need to take a subscription to legally follow the matches, whether on television or streaming from your computer or on your mobile. Only some games will be proposed by the TF1 group as the quarter-final or semi-final where France is qualified. The final will be offered in all cases simultaneously by TF1 and BeIN, whether the French team is playing or not.

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