Ambernac: A Young Driver of 23 is Killed by Hitting a Bridge

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Young Driver killed in Road Accident at Ambernac in the Charente

ROAD ACCIDENT: Tragic road accident at Ambernac in the Charente when a 23 year old driver crashed into a post of a Bridge …

New drama of the road in Charente on Thursday afternoon. It was about 4.30pm when Jeremiah Mallet, a young man of 23 years in Genouillac, lost control of his Clio on the D 169 to Ambernac. His vehicle hit a support post of a bridge upstream from that straddles the Charente.

Quickly on site, the Champagne-Mouton firefighters were unable to resuscitate the young driver. According to witnesses, it was travelling at high speed. An investigation will determine the exact causes of the accident.

Jeremiah Mallet lived with his mother Fabienne Mallet, and worked for the newspaper Charente Libre covering the areas of Confolens and Lesterps, Hiesse and Brillac. To all his family, the journal presents its sincere condolences.

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