Pollution: Alternating Traffic in Lyon and Villeurbanne Friday

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Due to Pollution levels, alternating traffic measures this Friday in Lyon and Villeurbanne

The Rhone prefecture announced Wednesday the establishment of alternating traffic in Lyon and Villeurbanne from Friday. Like Paris, both cities face an episode of fine particle pollution.

The prefect of the Rhône decided “early” the establishment of alternating traffic in Lyon and in the nearby town of Villeurbanne from Friday because of a “sustainable episode of air pollution with fine particles” , announced Wednesday Prefecture.


A first in Lyon

This is the first time that this measure is applied in the Lyon area.

It intervenes in the middle of the traditional Festival of Lights that will drain from Thursday to Saturday hundreds of thousands of people to the city center. In addition, the transport of the agglomeration are disrupted for several days by a strike.

Only vehicles with license plates ending in an odd number can circulate. Forecasts indicate that the threshold of 80 micrograms / cubic meter is likely to be exceeded again Thursday, said the prefecture in a statement.

precautionary measure

The situation report provided Wednesday noon shows a rate of 90 micrograms of fine particles per cubic metre of air, following the 80 observed Tuesday and 76 on Monday, the preceding days are at a much lower level.

The current regulatory framework provides that alternating traffic in Lyon area is triggered when the threshold of 80 micrograms / m3 is reached or exceeded four days following.

Although these conditions are not met but, given the forecasts which indicate that the threshold of 80 micrograms / m3 is likely to be exceeded again Thursday, the prefect Michel Delpuech decided this measure of alternating traffic “in advance” .

Reeve recalls that this is an occurrence associated with combustion. Manufacturers are also encouraged to reduce their emissions. It also invites traders and individuals to reduce heating sources by combustion.

Free transport

The prefect informed of its decision Senator Mayor of Lyon Gerard Collomb, inviting it to implement all the measures for free public transport. The Mayor of Villeurbanne Jean-Paul Bret was also informed.

Since Tuesday,the alternating traffic measure  has been applied in Paris, due to the high pollution levels.

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