EU to abolish Visas for Ukraine and Georgia

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The EU is to abolish visas for the Ukraine and Georgia

Citizens from Ukraine and Georgia will soon no longer need visas to travel to Europe.

The European Union (EU) will soon proceed, as she had promised, to the abolition of visas for Ukraine and Georgia nationals wishing to visit Europe.

EU member states and the European Parliament reached on the night of Wednesday to Thursday a compromise on the implementation of a mechanism that would restore emergency visa for residents of these two former Soviet republics.

50 million people

Ukraine and Georgia want to get away from the influence of Russia to be closer to Westerners but are frustrated at the lack of readiness of Europeans to make such a comparison.

Since the migratory crisis of 2015, governments of European states fear the reactions that could face their publics to the promised liberalization of the movement of some 45 million Ukrainians and five million Georgians.

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