Paris: After the attacks, Life back at the Bataclan with Sting

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After the attacks in Paris, the Bataclan reopens with Sting

Music before the commemorations: a year after the jihadists attack who left 90 dead at the Bataclan in Paris, the room is back to life this Saturday evening with a concert by Sting, on the eve of ceremonies tribute to the victims of the 13th November. Back on the evening.

British singer Sting arrived in the early evening at the Bataclan in Paris. His concert began at around 21h, at the Bataclan. A year after the attacks, the concert hall, where 90 people were killed, revived. survivors and family members of the victims attended the concert.

The concert ended

Over the pieces, the atmosphere seems relaxed at the Bataclan. The famous Roxane has  packed the room to concert that remained sober and moving.

Sting finished interpreting  The Empty Chair (the empty chair in French), which evokes filigree terrorism . In an interview published by Ouest-France, he explained the history of the song  : I wrote it for a documentary the American journalist James Foley, who was assassinated in 2014 by Daech, Syria. his family has left an empty chair for him. in his usual bar, his friends also keep a chair. “

One way, again, to remember the 90 people who were killed and who left a vacuum.

Sting performing at the Bataclan in Paris

Following the concert, co-director of the room confirmed they had refused two members of the Eagles of Death Metal (EODM), the American group who played in the attack, to attend the show. “They came, I have transferred, there are things we do not forgive,” said Jules Frutos.

The singer Jesse Hughes, one of the two expelled members Saturday night, had estimated in March, in an interview to an American chain that the attack of 13 November had been prepared inside the room and expressed suspicions against guards.

Ibrahim Maalouf back on stage

Ibrahim Maalouf Franco-Lebanese trumpeter was also on stage with Sting. They played Inshallah, a piece of Columbia. In our columns, he explained the subject of this new song which refers to migrants: it is written “from the perspective of a man packed his family in a boat. My role as an artist is to entertain but also to try to see the world through the eyes of others. Otherwise, the dramas are just numbers and abstractions. “

Seen here during the rehearsal. The concert, filmed, will be rebroadcast at 0.55am on the night of Sunday to Monday on France 2, then Monday on France 4 to 10.50pm.

VIDEO. Découvrez les répétitions de Sting au Bataclan avec Ibrahim Maalouf

The first song

The first song was Sting Fragile. He was accompanied by French-Lebanese trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf . He also played on stage Message in a bottle.



At 9pm, the concert began Sting: moment of silence

The hall was sold out. Sting said first: “Tonight we have two tasks to reconcile: first, to remember those who lost their lives in the attack, then celebrate the life and music in this historic place. ” British singer then asked to observe a minute of silence.





“That’s life that continues”

Two hours before the concert, fans began flocking to the room, where access was secured by numerous barriers and high police presence. “This room, she will live tonight is in our mind to go out and do not be intimidated “ , said a spectator, Marie-Jo Martin 50, came with a friend.

“This is not a new era, that’s life continues” , launches a spectator before entering.  “I think I’ll be excited tonight. It’s good that the Bataclan is again identical, there is no reason to change that, ” says the 48 year old spectator, Claire Veyssière, an amateur Parisienne small rooms, arrived more than two hours in advance.

“We came to the symbolic, Sting, for the celebration of life because we are Parisians and to honor all victims” , she explains. Sting, “it is a committed singer, perhaps we would come if it had been anyone else but the fact whether it is a more” says the friend with whom she came Marc Brevet, 54, while Sting is already inside to prepare this concert apart.

” This evening I take my life as it was before  “

For Aurélien, survivor of the attack who had 90 deaths during the concert of the Eagles of Death Metal 13 November 2015, the emotion is particularly strong before returning to the room. “This is the first time I go to a public place for a year. I did not go to the cinema, to a concert, I did deliver my races, I’m always stayed with me … “ says the thirties, who does not wish to disclose his name.

“This evening I take my life as it was before. It is a duty, it is an obligation to be there because there are 90 people who can no longer come “ , he added, moved, trembling hand. Before the concert hall, bouquets of flowers, candles and messages paying tribute to victims of three jihadists who had broken into the Bataclan a year earlier. Many spectators came with roses.

Life returns to the Bataclan in Paris

“Not completely serene”

“We are not completely serene” says Josée Nuyet, 50, came with a friend to see the singer but also to remember what happened. “For the victims, it will be harder for us. .. ” ” I think the atmosphere is going to be special. Sting is a beautiful person. Meeting this challenge there, it’s a nice gesture anyway “ , she added, fearing also the time when she will discover that room. A shared understanding by other spectators.

Music before tributes

After the minute of silence Friday at Stade de France before the match France-Sweden , France will gather Sunday, a year to the day after the attacks. Alongside the victims’ families, François Hollande, the Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo and the mayor of Saint-Denis Didier Paillard will visit each of the places affected by the worst attacks in France, who made a total of 130 deaths.

But before these tributes, bosses Bataclan insisted that music makes his return to the room to get on a rich history abruptly interrupted by three jihadists who had fired on the audience during the concert of the Eagles of Death Metal>

“It is important that (the room) restarts”

“It is important that (the room) restarts, it remains a place of concerts after what happened” , said in an interview with Sting Parisien performed before formalizing his arrival at the Bataclan.

“I basically need something happens before Sunday” , told AFP Jules Frutos, co-director of the famous Parisian venue, opened in 1865. “Starting with ceremonies before and after the Bataclan music, it not suit me at all, at all. ”

The musician Ibrahim Maalouf will also be on stage.

Le Bataclan sold out

The room, with a maximum capacity of 1497 people, shows full with a large number of guests. Essentially victims’ families and a handful of officials, including the Minister of Culture Audrey Azoulay and the Secretary of State for victim assistance Juliette Méadel.

“Music creates these moments of sharing, we console. (…) The return of life to the Bataclan, it is also the victory of youth and ideals of humanism against terror and division ” , said Audrey Azoulay in a statement.

Before the Parisian venue, passersby and many journalists gathered as early as this afternoon.

“A reconquest (…) against the forces of death”

Georges Salines, the president of the association of victims ‘ November 13: Brotherhood and Truth ” who lost her daughter, Lola, 13 November 2015 reopening the Bataclan, ” it’s almost a reconquest of space music by the party, against the forces of death ” .

“It’s not that the public will reopen the Bataclan is all France” , said the emergency physician and former columnist Charlie Hebdo Patrick Pelloux, this Saturday evening at the Bataclan. “All the restaurants have reopened, bars have reopened. Charlie continues (…) They (the Islamic terrorists, ed) will never win ” , he added.

Recipe donated to victims’ associations

Sting, whose new album “57th & 9th” was released Friday, “expressed a real desire” to play again at the Bataclan says Jules Frutos, welcoming the commitment of the star. The singer of 65 years there was a concert with police April 23, 1979, remained in the annals.

The recipe for this first concert will be donated to two associations of victims: Life for Paris and 13 November: Brotherhood and Truth.

Dining identically

For this revival, the Bataclan was rebuilt identically in eight months of work . To keep nothing from that tragic night, everything has been changed “from the roof to the floor, paint the tiles” . Only the lobby was made brighter than the original. And “BATACLAN” in red letters dancing now stands on the front.

Sunday, the time will be commemorations, including the unveiling of a plaque on the facade of the Bataclan. With victims, members of the Eagles of Death Metal band, who played in the evening of 13 November, should – quietly – to attend the ceremony.

Next Wednesday, the Bataclan resume the course of his new life with Pete Doherty, announced sold out, also on Thursday. Over twenty concerts are announced until spring

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