Gérard Depardieu: “Trump is not a moron”

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Gérard Depardieu considers that Trump's election is a good lesson for policy.

The Donald Trump’s election to the US presidency is a “good lesson” for politicians, says Gérard Depardieu in an interview published by the Sunday newspaper.

“It’s a good lesson for the politicians, who are no longer” says the French actor who also stresses that “nobody knows what he (Trump) will be able to do”.

Gérard Depardieu believes that “unlike George W. Bush, Trump is not a moron”.

It will portray Stalin

Asked about his new film “Tour de France”, which comes out on Wednesday and in which he plays an old mason “reactionary” forced to hit the road with a suburban rapper, he observes that it is a “journey of that warms the heart “.

The actor also confirms that we discover the future in a new film Fanny Ardant, an adaptation of the “Divan of Stalin”, the novel by Jean-Daniel Baltassat.

It will embody a Stalin “far from character biographies”, which realizes in 1950, “that frightens everyone and sometimes to himself,” and that goes “on a couch similar to that of Freud”.  “Fanny made a sort of opera, it takes very high note and never releases it” he adds.

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