France Télévisions Denounces the Strategy of the FN

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France Televisions has denounced the strategy of the FN

The Front National refuses invitations to a number of programs to concentrate its TV appearances in January, denounced Michel Field, head of information of France Télévisions. One way of circumventing the rules of the CSA on speaking time in pre-election campaign. France TV will enter the CSA.

Thursday 10 November, Political Issue  of  France 2  has changed its formula to devote a special issue to the Donald Trump of election.

FN declined invitations

This is Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, the youngest member of the National Front (Vaucluse), which would however have been the guest of a  Political Issue in its traditional form. But in late October, her aunt has put a stop, forcing her to give it up. Marine Le Pen herself had already declined an invitation to the same issue on the same day, by informing France Télé early October, she preferred not to participate this time.

“We have not (yet) of presidential project, no opponent, had then said an official of the NF.  She was denied: they preferred to wait to speak two hours to respond to a competitor. “

France Télé writing to CSA

During a meeting with the media, Thursday, November 10, in Paris, the head of information of the France Télévisions group returned to this episode. He denounced what he considers a strategy of National Front party to circumvent the rules on speaking time policies set by the Higher Audiovisual Council (CSA) .

“The Front National is a party that makes the policy extremely well, better than others, said Michel Field. He spotted flaws in the rules of the CSA “ on the fairness of speaking time for candidates or their supporters. “The FN consistently refused invitations. So when, in January, when the balance should be, it will be a time of considerable speech. He overturns the rules of the CSA, very intelligent. “

France Télévisions has decided to send in the next few days a letter to the audiovisual policeman. “We will alert the CSA on the fact that we can not respect the rules but it’s not our fault” , said Michel Field.

Accounting late January

The strategy of the National Front would seek to benefit from concentrated exposure just before the end of the reset counters January before switching to the official campaign period, at a time when the media exposure would be more favorable than at present .

The CSA, which recalled some time ago that “the pluralistic nature of the expression of currents of thought” should be respected, had also said earlier this week that “the refusal would also be included in the time of deliberations speech. It is up to the chains to inform us, that may influence the assessment of rebalancing “ between the parties.

FN speaking time

Still, on 10, The Political Issue finally received in its special issue US election, Segolene Royal, Dominique de Villepin and … Florian Philippot, vice president of the FN. And Marine Le Pen was already a guest of France 2 20 hours of Wednesday.

Interventions FN officials incommensurate with investments as the main guest at Political Issue, which provides a talk time of over two hours, but that qualifies a bit about Michael Field.

Ironically, both the FN refusal to participate in the Thursday night Issuance policy did not prevent Florian Philippot to complain, on the set of David Pujadas and Leah Salame, what the National Front would benefit ” only 6 to 7% of airtime “

Strict rules of the CSA

Regarding speaking time of the political, the last two weeks leading up to the presidential election will mark the entry into the official campaign with CSA rules that strengthen: the strict equality of speaking time that will be required in TV and radio media.

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