France-Sweden: The Blues can say thank you to Payet

Dimitri Payet has enabled France to defeat Sweden on Friday at the Stade de France

FOOTBALL: The France team came out very hard against a very good team of Sweden (2-1) …

It was hard, much more than advertised. One time we even thought the drama, a defeat that would have undermined the entire hierarchy of the group A and forced France to whip through a nasty habit to go to qualify for a World Cup. But the Deschamps team scored its first in five minutes thanks to Pogba and Payet. France is now head of their group before a final friendly against Ivory Coast on Tuesday. This time it will be just fun.

What we had not expected: a Swedish team that plays football

The last time Sweden had visited the Stade de France, it had given a match against Ireland, perhaps the worst of the last Euro. Blame it on a team without ideas and without game plan in hand focus on Zlatan hoping it mark on a misunderstanding. Well admit that without his favorite dictator, Sweden is greatly improved in six months. She defended collectively and intelligently, never forgetting to broadcast a constant threat to the French goal. Before kick “juninhesque” Forsberg who managed to make us doubt Lloris, unplayable at dummy challenge on the spot (54th), there had already been a rescue by Koscielny before Toivonen (23rd) and a big thrill on sagouine a duel with the Bordeaux Thelin face Lloris. Recent European champion in hopes Sweden will not be waiting for the next Ibrahimovic.



What we had expected

The France team has apparently decided to play its playoffs by attaching a small challenge to complicate matters. Waiting to take the first goal at the Stade de France to move its backs. As against Bulgaria there is a month of this, the Blues have laid back the second they have led. Everything went quickly and without warning yellow wall gave way almost immediately, with any luck, it must be said. The free kick from Payet to Pogba was unstoppable.   M.Mazic, who had decided to take up the challenge against Griezmann on the Swedish keeper was called before the second goal by Payet. This reversal had also airs of the France-Romania game last June. Griezmann and Giroud did not have much impact in this game, and Reunion of Payet and Pogba took care of everything. Same old story.





That there should be: a plan B when plan A not working

With the return of Giroud and besides that of Varane, who should have been there, Deschamps has recovered more or less the team that was on a pole to make him win the European Championship in this 4-3-2-1 with Griezmann in place under the best possible conditions. This does not exonerate the tricolor staff to consider an alternative: sometimes, the Blues lose their formation with Payet and Sissoko returning inside and side which center to indiscriminately to anyone except the major Swedish players that awaited it. Despite this apparent stubbornness and disparate individual levels (Sissoko and Giroud not at the top of their game), Didier Deschamps has made a change five minutes from the end (Kanté for Griezmann). Yet there were some interesting profiles on the bench to try something else. But Dembélé, Fekir Gameiro had to sit it out to the end … on the bench.

Bonus : La Marseillaise and a cappella tribute by the minute of silence for the victims of the attacks of 13 November. Two beautiful emotions to start the evening





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