F1: Mercedes Boss Sounds off against Hamilton, not very fair play with Rosberg

Mercedes boss sounds off against Hamilton

FORMULA 1: Toto Wolff did not appreciate the approach of Lewis Hamilton’s race …

Whether we are in the same team or not, Formula One remains primarily an individual sport, especially when one is called Lewis Hamilton and there is a fourth world championship on offer in the F1 world. The Briton proved that, during the Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi by adopting a strategy to undermine the second place of Nico Rosberg slowing to let Vettel back on his compatriot.

“Lewis has compromised our chances”

Result, the boss of Mercedes Toto Wolff was pretty upset after the race. “victory very nearly escaped us is because Lewis has compromised our chances. Mercedes is a team that has been built on values and a philosophy that has put at risk by their behavior, “said the team boss in the columns of L’Equipe.

Difficult to ask Hamilton “not to defend to the end”

Wolff, who explained that Mercedes has always kept away from quarrels between the two drivers, regrets that Hamilton had not “proved to the world that he was the fastest in the race” by flying rather than ‘lifting the foot. On the other hand, he said, I partly understand the behavior of his protégé. “We can not ask a talented driver like Lewis not to defend to the end,” said Toto Wolff.

It is not known yet if the triple world champion will be punished for his behavior.

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