A 11% Increase in the Number of Trained Doctors

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Marisol Touraine has announced an increase of 11 percent of new doctors being trained in France

A generalized increase in the number of doctors in training was announced by Health Minister Marisol Touraine. In all, 478 places will be available, an increase of 11% in addition to the increase decided a year ago to some areas.

The Health Minister, Marisol Touraine, announced on Thursday in the National Assembly a generalized increase in the number of doctors in training, with 478 extra seats, an increase of 11% in addition to the increase decided a year ago for some regions.

During the debate on a bill UDI for “equal access to care throughout the territory” , Ms Touraine defended the “strong political, proactive, innovative” since 2012 for the installation of young doctors in areas under-equipped (multidisciplinary health centers, public service employment contracts, etc.).

If this policy “beginning to bear fruit” , it must be “pursued and amplified” , the Minister added, refusing the option of “coercion to the installation” advocated including in the text of the leading centrist deputies Philippe Vigier.

“New zoning rules”

“I announce that the numerus clausus will be increased by 478 additional places in 22 faculties, an increase of 11%” , said Minister in the Chamber. She recalled the targeted increase of 131 places for 10 regions in need of doctors, an increase of 6.4% decided in mid-November 2015.

The “numerus clausus” determines the number of students entering the second year of medical studies. To “better reflect the geographical installation choice” , Ms Touraine also said that “new zoning rules will be put in place” in order to “respond to the situation of areas currently under-equipped, but also better anticipate those that may become ” .

Among other measures, she also said she would “propose necessary legislative provisions that will address the situation of doctors who did not support their thesis on time and wish to practice medicine” .

Parallel to the balance sheet, “within weeks”, the policy pursued since the beginning of the term of François Hollande, a parliamentary mission on medical demography “will make a point, and if necessary to go further” , yet the minister said.

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