Two Russian bombers intercepted off the coast of Brittany

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French fighter planes intercepted two Russian Bombers off the Brittany Coast

DEFENSE:  Westerners speak of a provocation on the part of the Russian army flying close to the Brittany coast …

“Provocation” by the West. Two heavy Russian bombers Tupolev 160 were intercepted by French fighter planes on September 22 off the coast of Brittany, said the Air Force on Tuesday, confirming a report in the Telegram. The two aircraft of the Russian army, painted with a red star, was first detected in northern Norway, west of Ireland and off the French coast, said the press service ( SIRPA) of the Air Force.

“At 1:57 p.m., two operational Rafale fighter aircraft on duty at Tours, took off to intercept at 100 kilometers off Brittany. They escort the Blackjack off to Mont-de-Marsan, “he recounted. “Two Rafale operational permanence of Mont-de-Marsan take over at 2.33pm. The two Russian planes then are heading west along the Iberian coast, “he added. They are then intercepted by two Spanish F18 before returning to Russia via Ireland.

The incidents are increasing for several months

In total four countries (Norway, UK, France and Spain) have implemented aerial means of interception and escort aircraft in conjunction with NATO operation centers. Two French fighter jets had already intercepted on the 17th February of Tu160 off Touquet .

There has been a renewal of tension with Moscow, with many incidents of this type having been proliferated in recent months. The Baltic countries regularly accuse Russia of violating its airspace and flying over the Baltic Sea with their transponder turned off. These electronic devices allow radar to identify aircraft and prevent collisions.

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