The shops open on Sundays, 11th and 18th December in Nantes

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Before Christmas, the shops of the city centre of Nantes will open on Sundays 11 and 18 December.

The wish has just been adopted by a majority Council, on Monday 17 October. Shops in the city centre of Nantes are authorized by the mayors, to open Sundays 11th and 18th December, from 12am to 7pm. For the third year, shopping centres and galleries are asked to respect this agreement remaining closed.

The Metropolitan Council has just voted, on Monday 17th October accepting the opening of businesses for only two Sundays before Christmas on the 11th and 18th December, from 12 am to 7 pm.  The common position of the mayors of Nantes concerns only the shops downtown in the City centre.  Shopping centers and galleries in the periphery are excluded.

Note that this year, the mayor Pellerin sprained unanimously by not partnering with the wish.

The agreement for Christmas 2017 is being negotiated between the social partners, employers, merchants associations, CCI and some trade unions (excluding CGT and FO).  Medef lobbied for an extension of authorizations to shopping centres and galleries.  He also wants more Sundays open. Employee unions, themselves, refuse to go further. The mayor of Nantes was not ready to loosen the deal to include more Sundays or the opening of Centres on the outskirts of Nantes.

The social partners will meet on 25th November to discuss the 2017 agreement.  The association des commerçants nantais, representing the City Centre shopkeepers are wishing that they can open on Sundays 17th and 24th December.

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