Nantes: Increased Traffic on the Ring Road this Thursday

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Traffic jams on the ring road to the west of Nantes

Important traffic jams this Thursday morning with a lot of traffic on the outskirts of Nantes. Traffic slow on the route to Vannes and Sorinères.

The traffic gets stuck this morning to the west of Nantes. The situation was particularly difficult near the Cheviré bridge with major bottlenecks caused by an accident. But traffic was indeed very complicated on a large part of the Nantes ring road, the road to Vannes by Sorinières. 

It is advised if you can avoid the area for the moment and seek an alternative route for your travel.

1 thought on “Nantes: Increased Traffic on the Ring Road this Thursday

  1. It was absolutely crazy monday, traffic was sent into the Nantes city centre from the motorway we spent 3 hours in it before doing a u turn and diverting 50 kms.

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