Kim Kardashian Robbed. “Bad Publicity for Paris,” said NKM

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For NKM, the robbery Kim Kardashian in her Paris hotel is "bad publicity Paris."

Invited to the Morning show on Europe 1, hours after the attack on Kim Kardashian in Paris, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet believes that the robbery of the American star is “bad publicity for Paris.”

The robbery at gunpoint of Kim Kardashian in her Paris hotel is “bad publicity for Paris”. Asked about the aggression of the American star in a Paris hotel, NKM denounced on Europe 1 security in the capital.

“You think about it, because what happened to her is violent and traumatic. And we think the image of Paris”, regretted the member for the 4th district of Essonne and Chair of the Republican group in the Council of Paris.

“We have all the news channels of the world who spin this story in a loop. The negative publicity that represents! There is a general emergency safety in Paris. The side of power and the municipality, but it is not enough with not enough agents. We can do all the advertising for the City, promoting it, but they were cancelled by the case of Kim Kardashian “, judges the candidate to primary the right.

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