Five Applications to Help you Stop Smoking

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Five applications to aid you to stop smoking

If you need some help to stop smoking then these five apps, might be just the help that you need to succeed …

For those, who are planning to stop smoking for the ‘Mois sans tabac‘, which starts from the 1st November, but are worried that it will be to demanding, here are five apps for your smartphone that you can take with you to encourage you.

Quit Now

This app is complete and easy to use. In the “Statistics” you can track your progress: days without smoking, cigarettes avoided, money and time saved and the positive effects in the body (blood pressure, taste and smell found …). Plus: you have access to a forum where you can exchange with other members of the community.

Free on iPhone and android

Tobacco info service

This app has been implemented by health insurance. After answering a questionnaire, you will receive messages from a virtual coach with advice or exercises to perform. You access monitoring tables including the benefits to your health and your budget. Most original, in case of craving, the app offers a small three minute puzzles to think about anything else.

Free on iPhone and android


This app is designed as a game based on the principle of gratification. Non-smoked unlock levels and make you win trophies. If you are about to crack, shake your smartphone. You can then draw a motivational card that contains advice or exercise. Original, remains to be seen if it’s effective.

Free on iPhone and android

Get rich or die smoking

One of the motivations to stop smoking, it is also to save money. With this app, you will be able to calculate the savings over days. For motivation, you can also specify a gift that you would like to offer you. The app will help you achieve this.

Free, only on android

Smoking Time Machine

The principle: you discover how you will look in 10 or 20 years, if you stop smoking or if you continue. Exaggerated, perhaps. Deterrent, surely. Do the test with your photos.

Free, Iphone and android



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