Drake Concert in Paris: Ticket Prices Excessive

Drake concert tickets are excessive ?

MUSIC: Between outrage, derision and good jokes, fans or “haters” rebounded yesterday on the tarif they deem more than excessive …

A Minimum of 86 euros, or 97.20 euros in category 1, and 110 euros in the gold category. This will be the price to pay to attend one of two concerts by Drake in Paris on the 12th and 13th March in the AccorHotels Arena (Bercy) in Paris.


If fans were initially jumping for joy at the idea of being able to applaud the Canadian rapper during his European tour The Boy Meets World, the ticket price has many reacting, with many posts on social media.

“He’s just the boyfriend of Rihanna Rihanna not: /”

Some were outraged, others preferred to laugh. “Tickets for the concert of Drake, I do not believe it is possible that a place in pit costs € 86” can be read on a Twitter account.






Last December, a Standing position on the floor to listen to Madonna cost only 51 euros, it cost less than 60 euros also to appreciate Muse in February 2015.  All of which leads to a surfer “I’m afraid to see prices like this for concert tickets of Drake, do not forget that he is just the boyfriend of Rihanna Rihanna not: / “.

The Facebook page of the event brings together over 11,000 interested people

Others have rather played the game of derision. A person has asked Facebook to Banque Postale, a loan to attend concerts, another proposed to exchange his 2008 car against a place in category 1. A real contest of jokes. Even Konbini it is put by posting a gif felt good on his Twitter account.

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