Collision between a Bus and a Car near Nantes: 2 dead

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Two people died when a Bus collided with a car near Nantes

Two men were killed in a traffic accident on Thursday evening, about 6.30pm. One was driving a bus, the other car. The clash was frontal. It took place on the road between Le Loroux-Bottereau in Haute-Goulaine.

The bus was travelling, empty, on the road from Le Loroux-Bottereau in Haute-Goulaine, towards Vertou. The bus collided with the oncoming car. The frontal collision occurred in the early evening at around 6.30pm. The driver of the car died upon the arrival of the medical services.  The bus driver, suffered a cardiac arrest, could not be resuscitated by the firefighters.

Tragic accident near Nantes leaves two dead
The road linking Loroux-Bottereau in Haute-Goulaine Vertou and was blocked for more than 3 hours. | Stephanie Bazylak

A delicate operation was implemented to extract the trapped victims from their vehicle. The operation lasted nearly three hours. The road was completely blocked during that time. The investigation was entrusted to the motorized platoon of gendarmerie of Saint-Philbert-de-Grandlieu.

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