Caramail: Surprise! Messaging is back in France

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Caramail, is back in France offering an encrypted email service

HIGH-TECH: Pioneer of the French Internet, Caramail, the mail service, was believed extinct since 2009, now allows you to send encrypted emails …

It is a name that will awaken the nostalgia of Internet users. Caramail , the messaging service and chat, active between 1997 and 2009, is back. At least, the brand was bought by the German company GMX, rising from the ashes. It now allows you to send emails encrypted from end to end.

Easy to use

This feature works through the encryption technology . The sender protects its e-mail with a private key and a public key address to the recipient. The combination of the two key allows access to email.

The encrypted message is not new, but the service offered by Caramail among the easiest to use for individuals, according to experts.

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