In Brittany, the Cinema Ticket is the Cheapest in France

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The cheapest cinema tickets in France are to be found in Brittany

€ 6.07, the average price of a cinema ticket in Brittany. A study by the National Cinematography Centre, this is the least expensive ticket in France. Just behind Brittany, is the Loire Valley.

Movies, without breaking the bank, this is not always easy depending on where you live. This is demonstrated by the National Centre for Cinematography (CNC) in his study of Geography in 2015 cinema which has just been published.

With an average ticket price to 6.07 euros, Brittany is the cheapest area of France, just before the Loire Valley (6.15 euro). Instead, the inhabitants of the south of France must have on average 6.87 euros for a session, and those of Ile-de-France, (6.71 euros).

Some numbers…

Last year, the Breton institutions (numbering 123 or 299 active screens) recorded 9.73 million entries. An increase of 1.2% compared to 2014. In total, the Bretons visited on average three times a year at the movies. Revenue in theaters amounted, for its part, to € 59.1 million, up 3% year on year.

The region is also distinguished by its high proportion of classified arthouse cinemas (75.6%), the highest nationally, but also by its high market share in terms of admissions, movies French.

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