Bonobo Jeans opens its 400th store

Bonobo Jeans opens its 400th store 1

While Bonobo Jeans is celebrating its 10 years, it opens its 400th store in Anglet in the Pyrenees-Atlantiques. Covering an area of 250 m², its decor evokes the brand universe in an industrial loft.

Bonobo Jeans continues to expand and celebrates its 10th anniversary with the opening of its 400th store. An opening that will bolster the brand presence in the Southwest.

Guests will discover a store in a clean industrial loft style Bonobo Jeans with 250m² of space dressed in the colors of the brand and showcase of 15m. Mixtures of wood and steel create a cozy atmosphere.

Jeans Bar

The jeans bar at Bonobo
The jeans bar. | Bonobo

The highlight of this new retail space: a wall jeans bar. Customers can easily select cuts of jeans they prefer among all parts of the Bonobo Jeans collection.

The store offers innovative services such as the extension of range, available on shelves arranged in the store or by e-booking (possibility to reserve an item on the website and try it in store).

36 openings per year

“400th store, 10 years of existence, we have turned a corner. We have great ambitions for the store of Anglet. With such an area, it allows us to offer customers a wide range of products. It aims to be in the top 5 Bonobo Jeans boutiques located in France, ” said Xavier Prudhomme, director of Bonobo brand.

Xavier Prudhomme, director of Bonobo brand
Xavier Prudhomme, director of Bonobo brand

The brand of Beaumanoir Group opened an average of 36 stores per year. Among openings, 5 flagships stores that make up the park Bonobo Jeans (La Défense, Toulouse, Lyon, Etienne Marcel, Faubourg Saint-Antoine).

Conquering the world

The brand aims to strengthen its territorial network by opening large-area stores, including via multisores Vib’s, in geographically priority sites and, secondly, to expand internationally, particularly in the Middle East, Belgium, Italy, China and Ivory Coast.

Beginning 2017, a second store will open Bonobo besides its doors in Ivory Coast. “We’re starting to find our model internationally, especially in China and the Middle East where we intend to accelerate our development,” continues Xavier Prudhomme .

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