Aznavour Honored by the Armenian Community in Hollywood

Charles Aznavour said he was very moved to receive this star in the image of those who are leading the "walk of fame".

Charles Aznavour received a star of honor in Hollywood on Thursday. It was presented to him by the Armenian community of Los Angeles.

The French “Frank Sinatra” said he was very moved to receive this star in the image of those who are leading the “celebrity Walk” (Walk of Fame), even if it is purely honorary, recognizing its contribution to Armenian culture, and will not be placed on Hollywood Boulevard.

“I am very honored and moved to receive this star,” said the author of 1200 songs, at a ceremony at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood, where he will be performing on Friday.  “I come to Hollywood for years I have worked in the United States because (…) the country of “show business” is America “, said the musician of 92 years.

“There are always survivors”

Born in France of Armenian parents, who became one of the foremost bearers of the Armenian Diaspora stressed that this community, “This is (my) base” .

“What amuses me is that Turkey has missed something, they do not have one great singer, I would have been a Turkish singer and today I am a French singer, proving genocides are useless, there are always survivors “ .

The Armenian Genocide is recognized by many foreign parliaments, which made more than 1.5 million casualties, Armenia and many historians. Turkey rejects the term genocide but recognizes large-scale massacres committed in 1915 at the end of the Ottoman Empire.

Aznavour, who continues to give concerts around the world after 80 years of career, said he still experiences a lot of fun on stage: “I feel I meet my family, whether Italian or Spanish or another the public part of my family, where I am most happy is on stage “ . CNN was the onethat called “the most important variety singer of the twentieth century” has not lost inspiration: “I still have forty songs in advance, I write every day”, he ensures.

“My real language is French”

At the ceremony on Thursday, the artist who has sold 100 million records said to have trouble speaking English and that, “even if Armenian is the language of my family, my true language is the french”,“it is a fantastic language to write”.

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