Ardèche: Woman Found Dead after years of Living as a Hermit

Local News
A British woman, aged 65, has been discovered dead by her son in the Ardeche.

A British woman aged 65 years was found on Wednesday in the south of France, six months after her death. Investigators say she died of malnutrition …

It’s not every day that a son discovers his mother, who died lying on a bed in a tiny cottage, located on a plot in the middle of nowhere. That is what happened to this young British man.

He found Wednesday, her mother lifeless in her small house at  Genetelle in the Ardèche department. And the circumstances of her death are tragic and abhorrent. As revealed by France Bleu, an autopsy conducted on Thursday morning confirmed that the lady aged 65 died of malnutrition. The hypothesis of a murder has been completely ruled out. And more sinister still, the lady was dead for about six months.

No water, no electricity …

According to the first elements of the investigation, the mother, who owned the land, lived in this cottage for several years. In fact, it was originally a sauna cabin made by one of her sons.  And in this house, there is no running water, no electricity, no car.  At the heart of nature.  There is not even access by car, with the only access across a field, on a path.

So the woman lived as a total hermit.  She communicated with the outside with her cell phone. Local radio said some distant neighbors had sometimes crossed on foot.  But as the lady gave no sign since the beginning of the year, nobody cared. For investigators, she would have gradually got weaker, before dying there about six months.  Sad.

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