Weather in Lorient: A Little Rain on Monday

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The weather in Lorient and the region for the next couple of days

The weather forecast for the next few days in Lorient, will be reasonable good for the time of the year, although Monday will start off with a little rain and grey skies …


Misty dawn, cloudy morning with brief sunny, the sky clearly covers late morning with the arrival of a little active edge of Brittany. Covered midday with light rain.

In the afternoon, the front undulating on Brittany generates an overcast gray sky (low cloud ceiling) with regular mists and drizzles. very low Wind west in the morning, the afternoon low. Fort Blocked: westerly swell 1 m. Low: 12 ° / 13 °; High: 18 ° / 19 °; (11 ° / 12 ° 18 ° / 19 ° in the campaign). Partly cloudy in the evening, without haste; 17 ° to 20 pm; 14 ° at midnight.


The foggy sky at dawn evolves into a sunny morning. Bright mid-day with cloudy cumulus developing north of Lanester. In the afternoon, the sun, generous and Lorient on the coastal edge, made with cumulus, developed and sometimes towering north of Quéven-Hennebont Kervignac-axis generating rare showers north of Plouay-Baud.

low wind northeast with wind effect on the coast in the afternoon. Fort Blocked: westerly swell 1 m. Low: 11 ° / 12 °; High: 20 ° / 21 ° (10 ° / 11 ° 21 ° / 22 ° in the campaign). Veiling evening sky;18 ° to 20 h; 14 ° at midnight.

From Wednesday to Thursday

The anticyclone is gradually retreated to the Atlantic center while rejecting the flow disturbed active northwest of Ireland. Wednesday will be a beautiful morning after dissipation of low morning clouds. In the afternoon, the sun, generous and Lorient on the coast despite sails high altitude made with cumulus good weather north of Quéven Hennebont.Jeudi-axis, cloudy in the morning, cloudy in mid -day then covering the afternoon with the gradual arrival of a little active front generating evening rain. Southwest Wind dominant low (a few moderate bursts Wednesday afternoon). Mini swing of 11 ° / 12 ° Wednesday 10 ° / 11 ° Thursday. Maxi, ranging from 20 ° / 21 ° Wednesday 19 ° / 20 ° Thursday.

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