Weather: It’s almost an Indian Summer

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The weather is almost an Indien Summer in France

Will it be sunny and warm almost everywhere in France on Saturday ?  One could almost speak of an Indian summer if the temperatures at night were not so low.  The forecast will be more mixed Sunday.

At daybreak, some fog patches were still present in the east but, overall, time will generally sunny Saturday. Temperatures will be high for the season. We should reach 23 to 28 degrees in most areas and up to 29 and 31 degrees in the Southwest.

Arrival of a disturbance by the tip of Brittany

Enjoy this day because, alas, things should change tonight.  From North to West, the sky will be bright, but will veil the hours, announcing the arrival of a rainy evening on the disturbance Britain. The south wind will blow up to 70 km/h gusting to Brittany.  On the relief of Corsica, the Pyrenees-Orientales and the Southern Alps will trigger showers locally. Moreover, the sun will remain generous.  Note that maritime entries will win the Languedoc-Roussillon in the afternoon. 

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